death cover "This book is filled with timeless principles to empower relationships today!" -Dr. Gilbert Coleman

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transform cover This book is written for the numerous men that grapple with the lack of male life skills;  the man who lived life without the guidance of his father, and the man who just wants to improve himself as a man. This book will also address what it means to value the women in our lives, as well as, help women to understand the man in their life that some times appears to be so complex. Life will be more understandable because you dared to read it!! 

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kingdom cover This book is a practical guide to empower effective strategies to live one's best life based on the scriptures and scriptural principles. "Although the world may be in a constant state of flux, chaos and disorder, Apostle Gilbert Coleman, Jr. cuts away the fat of matters and gets to the meat, focusing on eternal foundational principles." -Pastor Rashiid Coleman

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unresolved cover "I believe this book will become a classic. It should be read by all who want to improve their relationships"
-Dr. Myles Monroe

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heart cover Every pastor has moments of deep reflection that brings comfort and consolation. This book will provide insight into this pastor's heart that will bring comfort to your heart as well.

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